Monday, May 7, 2012

May 6 - Back to Normal??

Our first day home was a Sunday and we always enjoy Sundays.  It made for a nice transition.  Tomorrow we will have to actually get back to normal!

Church was good, as always.  At the last minute, I had to lead the music in Sacrament Meeting, but that was not a problem.  Since I was on the stand, I also took the opportunity to bear my testimony, since it was Fast Sunday.  There were several testimonies that I especially enjoyed.

For Sunday School, I am still attending the Gospel Principles class representing the Relief Society.  Relief Society followed that and I had to teach the lesson.  It was on "Magnify Your Calling" and I think it went quite well.  There was a lot of participation and some really good comments that added to the spirit of the lesson.

After church, Sherri gave me the Pantry Chef items I had ordered at her party several weeks ago.  It was fun to open everything when I got home, since I had forgotten what I had ordered!

When I got home, Lisa and family were at the house.  Brooks was supposed to be going down for a nap (which never actually happened),  David was napping in the chair, and Ashby and Lisa were putting together one of the floor puzzles of Cat in the Hat.  It was fun to see everyone, especially getting all the hugs and kisses from the kids!

There was a chicken cooking in the crockpot, so once we pulled the rest of the meal together, we had a great dinner.  Brooks was so funny.  He has been feeding himself and he still is a little clumsy with his spoon, but he insists on doing it all by himself.  He loved the applesauce and the potatoes the most, but he managed to eat some carrots and some chicken as well.  By the time we had the pie and ice cream, he was running all over the place, but he would run by and tap me on the leg until I gave him a bite of ice cream.  That went on until the ice cream was gone.

After they went home, Bill and I were so tired.  I downloaded our pictures and we looked at them.  We learned that Peggy Rowberry had taken a fall and broken her hip this morning, so we spent some time on phone calls getting information about that.  Then, I headed to bed early, to read scriptures and then my book. 

It was a nice first day back!

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