Friday, May 18, 2012

April 17th - What Did I Do Today?

This was one of those days where I was doing so many little, insignificant things, that I can't come up with a description of what I did all day!  So much of it was just the "regular" stuff - errands, house stuff, computer stuff, RS stuff, indexing, etc.  I spent some pretty significant blocks of time on indexing and on preparing for my RS Friday email.

I even took a lunch break and watched an episode of Island at War.  That is my latest Netflix series that I am enjoying.  St. Gregory is a fictional channel island, occupied by the Germans during WWII.  I watched the third episode during the evening when Bill was out for a little bit.

So, in retrospect, it seems like an almost wasted day, even if I was busy the whole time.  It is amazing how that happens.!

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