Monday, May 14, 2012

April 13th - Mother's Day

Today was a wonderful Mother's Day.  Of course, I always struggle with attending church on Mother's Day, but after shedding a few tears for Jason, I made myself go.  Fortunately, they didn't go overboard on the mother's day stuff.  The talks were good.  The youth speaker talked about the mother stuff, which is to be expected and was very sweet.  Sherri spoke about women in general and did a great job.  The Elder's Quorum president was the final speaker and he talked about his grandmother, his mother, and his wife, but handled it so it was interesting and without the guilt-causing exaggerations that are often part of  Mother's Day talks.  It was all very good.  The primary children sang a song, of course.  Robb and his class of older primary children sang "A Mother's Prayer" and they were really good. 

For Relief Society, we had all the sisters in the ward in attendance, as the men covered all their assignments for the day.  We chose to have just a regular lesson.  It was from the George Albert Smith manual about prayer and was a very nice lesson with a special spirit.

When I got home, Lisa and family were here, as they usually are.  It is fun to walk in and have Ashby come running!  I had bought a sand pail with lots of accessories when I shopped at Costco last week and she was having a ball playing with it.  The pail has a shower head attached to it and she had used her imagination to have it be all sorts of things - the cutest was that it was a microphone and she was playing Primary again.

For dinner, we grilled shrimp, veggies and pineapple - in the rain!  Actually, David got to stand in the rain and cook.  It turned out great, though, and we really enjoyed eating it.  Billy called as we were finishing dinner and we had a nice chat.  He also talked to Lisa.  Bill got home just after that and had his dinner.  We then sat around and talked and were totally entertained by the children.  They took a bath later and played with the sand pails and the shower head pail and had a ball. 

As they were leaving, Ashby announced that Grandma was her best friend.  Now, what better way to end Mother's Day! 

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