Thursday, May 17, 2012

April 16th - Babysit the Grandkids!!!

Lisa and David had a meeting late this afternoon, so they dropped Ashby and Brooks off around 2:30 so Grandma could watch them.  I looked forward to their coming all day! 

Brooks came running in, gave Grandma a smooch as he hurried by, and headed straight for the book shelf.  He had a book pulled out before anyone could even catch up with him!  I love a kid who loves books! 

Ashby headed straight to the toy room (aka nursery, guest room, and everything else room) and had the Barbies and the Barbie car out immediately.  It seems she has been into the Barbies recently.

The other favorites are the matchbox size cars, the big lego blocks, the wooden train from Melissa & Doug's that is made from blocks, the plastic golf clubs, just to name a few.

After playing a little and having a snack, it was time for Brooks to take a nap.  The usual procedure is to turn on a video, give him a bottle of milk, and then put him down.  It didn't quite work right today, though.  The video was the Micky Mouse Clubhouse and he wanted to dance, which he proceeded to do while sitting in my lap.  This kid is really into the dancing lately!  He refused to take the bottle.  Finally, I just put him in the crib.  He started jumping in the crib, so I just closed the door, hoping he would go to sleep.  I never heard another sound!

While he was napping, Ashby went outside to play in the water.  We washed down the plastic pool, but since we had forgotten to get her swimsuit out of the nursery before Brooks went to sleep, she just played with the toys and the hose.  She got just as wet, of course!  After playing for a while, she was ready to come back in, get the wet clothes off, and do something else.  This time she got the box of big legos, and started building a house on the coffee table.  We used every block in the container and she had quite the mansion, let me tell you!

When Brooks woke up, they continued their play for a while.  At times, they play together really well!  Since it was getting close to dinner, and since Lisa and David were taking advantage of the kid-free time to get dinner on their own, we fixed some mac and cheese.  It is what Ashby had been asking for since she had arrived.  It is not the best dinner, but this is grandma's house and anything goes!

Grandpa got home and was able to spend only a few minutes with them before he had to take off for church.  Lisa and Dad got back about that same time.

What a fun afternoon!  Both kids are really good and they both laugh and run and have so much fun! 

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