Monday, October 6, 2014

October 5th - The Rest of Conference Weekend

I spent the morning working on some things at the computer, primarily my RS class that is coming up, but a few other things, too.  I talked to Lisa and they planned to come over after the 1st session of conference and we would grill hamburgers and hot dogs for our dinner.

After watching the first session, Bill and I got dinner ready to go.  Lisa and family timed it perfectly, so we were able to finish up and get the burgers on the grill shortly after they got here.  We enjoyed our dinner - the kids were really excited for hot dogs! 

We had the second session on, but with the excitement of the kids running around, we didn't actually catch it all.  That is usually the case.  I know some people make the little ones sit and watch, too, but I have never felt that was necessary.  I don't want them to hate conference, so watching a little is fine with me.  It was an absolutely perfect day and they played out in the backyard for a long time.  It was fun hearing them laughing and playing out there.  That was the time when we got to see the most of conference.

At the end of conference, a special came on BYU-TV about the ballroom dance team traveling back to China and meeting with some dance instructors there who had come to BYU years ago to learn about ballroom dancing.  Ashby is in to ballroom dancing big time at the moment, so she was excited to see the dance segments.  After the show, she put on quite the performance for us.

It has been a great conference weekend and a wonderful Sabbath. 

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