Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 11th - Meet the Mormons

Our day centered around getting to the Meet the Mormons movie and then getting back so we could watch the kids while David and Lisa went to it.  We did the 12:15 show, so in the morning I got started on laundry and a few other things done.  Then we were off.

The movie was good and we enjoyed it.  I think it made #10 nationwide for the opening night, so that is great.  Of course, almost everyone who went was already a Mormon, but maybe it will stick around a few more showings and others will hear about it.

After the movie, we hurried home where the kids were waiting for us.  We had fun playing with them for the next couple of hours.  Well, actually, it was mostly Grandpa playing with them.  They love it when he is around to play, so I stayed in the background, finishing the laundry, etc.

When they picked up the kids, we had to turn around and leave right away to go to a dinner for the Family History Center people.  There were only eight of us there, but the dinner was very good - all home-cooked Italian by the Center director and he was quite proud of his accomplishment!

It has been a busy day, with no down time, but it was certainly not a boring day!

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