Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 4th - General Conference

I did my usual routine, getting the house straightened, some laundry done, dinner planned for tomorrow, etc.  I also spent some time on the computer and working on other projects, like art class and the RS presentation I have coming up. 

Then at noon, everything stopped so we could watch the first session of general conference.  I don't even need to say that it was really good - it always is.  During the break, I had some lunch and finished up some things, then watched the second session at 4:00.  Another break and then Bill went off to the chapel for the Priesthood session, which I watched at home.  All the talks were great and the music was beautiful.  My absolute favorite was the missionary choir from the MTC, which sang in the priesthood session.

So that has been my day - being fed spiritually!  (And getting a few other things done, as well.)

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