Monday, October 20, 2014

October 19th - Back to Sunday Already - Best Day of the Week!

Today was another of those repeat days - pretty much the same as every other Sunday.  Then again, why would we change anything that works so well?

My class went well.  I had about 10 people and we spent the whole time online learning Family Tree person page.  It was part two of the lesson started last week.  I think they all learned something and they certainly had plenty of questions and comments.  That makes teaching even more fun.

At home, I got dinner cooking.  I had made a chicken Mexican rice casserole this morning, so it had to bake.  Because it was so cold, though, it took longer to get hot than I had anticipated.  I ended up putting it in the microwave to finish.  I should have thought of that in the first place.  We also had yellow squash and onions, along with some cucumbers.  I was actually pretty good.  I will need to actually buy some meat one of these days!

While we were waiting for the casserole to heat up, the kids were playing outside and wanted sheets put up on the fort so there was a roof and walls.  Ashby decided it was like a stage, so we had to watch her "show."  It was cute.  She is into pratfalls and trying to make us laugh.  After dinner, we had to go back out and watch another show in the dark.  She wanted the flashlight to be a spotlight.  Very funny!

Later, our home teacher came by for a nice visit.  We do enjoy him.

All in all, another "best day of the week."

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