Friday, October 3, 2014

October 2nd - Art Class

I had time to get the routine things done and some laundry started before the girls showed up for art class.  Ashby brought her friend Abby again so they could finish what we started last week.  They had to repaint the foam, as it had flaked off.  I used gesso this time and switched to an acrylic paint.  I think it will work now.  While they repainted, we reviewed about Claude Monet.  Then they traced circles and ovals onto their tissue paper and cut out the lily pads.  They were glued to the pond (it was dry enough by then) and also made tiny pink flowers with tissue paper and glued those on, too.  Finally, they glued on the frogs they made with clay last week.  Abby also added some green bushes along one side of her pond.  They turned out really cute.

Cutting out the lily pads.

Gluing the frog onto a lily pad.

Ashby and Abby with their finished projects.

 Claude Monet's Lily Pond
Multi-media 3-D

And that was the highlight of my day!

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