Thursday, October 16, 2014

October 14th - Rainy Day!

I had some errands that I needed to do today and when it was so rainy, I hoped I could just stay home.  Or maybe the rain would let up early enough for me to still get the errands done.  No luck for me today!  It kept raining and I finally had to run out in the rain.  Both errands had to be done today, no exceptions, so I just got wet!  I also got the errands done.

Other than that, my day was pretty quiet.  I had some things to work on and kept busy with those things and with the usual routine.  By evening, the sun actually peeked out.  If I had waited for the sun, I would not have been able to get those errands done.

Funny day - going out in the rain seemed to be the biggest moment of the whole day!

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