Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 28th - North Carolina Day 5 - Heading Home

We were supposed to check out by 10:00, so we just had cereal for breakfast and got packed up.  There wasn't really much to do, though, as we didn't have to do any cleaning.  Well, other than the dishes, of course, but there weren't many dirty ones anyway.  Packing the leftover food only took a few minutes.  Suitcases were easy to pack since almost everything was dirty anyway.  We didn't want to leave, but finally decided we just needed to go ahead and go. 

We went back to Franklin by a different route than we had used before, but it took just about the same amount of time.  This time we were on the highway, rather than the mountain road.  It was a little longer, but much faster. 

When we got back to our area, we stopped for lunch at Red Lobster - give of the last hurrah of our vacation.  Then we were home, unloaded, unpacked, etc.  Bill had some errands to run and I was at the computer.  I mostly planned the art classes for next month, as I had nothing planned after this week.

It is good to be home, but it is always sad when a vacation ends, especially one that has been so good.  We enjoyed the few days we were away so much and the weather was absolutely perfect.  What more could we ask!!  Well, maybe that it could have lasted another day or two???

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