Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 12th - Sunday

Our Sunday was pretty much routine - which is a good thing!  My class went well.  I think they are starting to catch some of the vision of what family history should really be.  I had to play the piano for Primary during the last hour.

At home, the kids were outside playing in the back yard and having fun.  I love hearing them laugh and play out there.  Ashby wanted a roof on the fort, so David took an old sheet and put it up.  They really loved that.  I think it made the fort feel like a "real" fort.

We finished up dinner and enjoyed eating with the family.  The kids must have been hungry, too, as they both ate really well.  I think Brooks scooped up about three helpings of rigatoni - he does love pasta!

Later, we were entertained by Ashby and her ballroom dancing.  She is actually very good - graceful and all the right moves!

As usual, Sunday has been a great day - spiritual feasting, getting to teach family history, and then time with the family.  What could be better?

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