Friday, October 31, 2014

October 30th - Art Class & Lunch

The girls were here to finish their art project today.  They painted the trees and pumpkins and the paintings turned out really cute!
I painted a picture, too, just to show them what to do, but they both took that instruction and made it personal.  I like that their paintings are so unique.  Smart girls and good artists!

David's mother is visiting, so she was along when they got here.  She was anxious to see the "art room" so she got the grand tour of our bonus room.  She enjoyed seeing all the projects they have finished so far.  They went out to shop while we did art class.  They picked Brooks up from pre-school on their way back.

Since it was lunchtime by then, we all went up to Del Rio for lunch and had a fun time.  We love sitting on the patio, as the kids can move around without bothering people.  Ashby and Abby had brought some Barbie dolls from my house and they entertained themselves  - and could have continued to a long time, if it hadn't finally been time to leave.

Venett and I got to talking about family history (we are both ward consultants) and she is already registered for Roots Tech in Salt Lake in February.  She convinced me to come, too.  I already wanted to go, but she and Lisa persuaded me.  She already has a room booked, which we can share.  When I got home, I registered.  Now I will just have to come up with some money for an airline ticket!  I am really excited.

On my way back home, I had to make a library run to pick up a book that was one hold.  Today was the last day to pick it up, so I made it under the wire!  It was a copy of a book that is being read as part of an online genealogy book group.  Should be fun!

The rest of my day - what was left of it - was pretty lazy.  I was mostly at the computer working on my usual pile of stuff.  I still can't figure out how I can get rid of a pile and have a new one the very next day! 

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