Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 1st - It's Wednesday, so It Must Be Family History Day!

My friend did not go with me to the Family History Center today and we had no other patrons come in.  That meant my co-worker and I spent the whole time talking (mostly family history stuff) and working on our own things.  I really need to take advantage of those kinds of days and work on learning more about some of the premium sites and other things that I don't know well, but it is just so tempting to work on my stuff!

The rest of my day was rather quiet - the usual computer time and more family history, preparing things, etc.  But, I also spent some time just resting as I was so tired this afternoon.  I watched a couple of episodes of The Tudors.  It is a great series, but I do get tired of the unnecessary nudity and have to forward through sections almost every time.  The story is so interesting, though.  I have finished the first two seasons and am ready to start the 3rd.

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