Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 27th - North Carolina Day 4 - Fontana Dam

We started our morning as usual - lazy!  Loving it!  After another good brunch that Bill cooked (omelets, grits and bacon), we relaxed a little and made plans for the day.

Our first trip was to drive down The Road to Nowhere to see where it went, which was....... nowhere!  Actually, we had already found out that it was originally to be a road to the lakeside, and in fact is called Lakeside Drive, but six miles out, after building a tunnel through the mountain, the whole project was stopped and never competed.  As a result, the road really goes no where, although we did enjoy seeing the tunnel.

From there, we headed back into Bryson City and stopped at the city museum and visitors center.  We picked up a map and got instructions on how to get to the dam.  We also toured the museum, which was interesting, as it told the story of the Swain County area.

We then headed out to the dam.  It was about a half hour drive, but the drive was beautiful.  Of course, wherever we drive around here, it is on a mountain road and is beautiful.  The Fontana Dam itself was also interesting.  It is the largest dam (by height) east of the Rockies.  We also went into the visitors center to get information about its history and met a couple that volunteer there - such nice people.

We had planned to stop and eat, but when it came right down to it, we decided to just go back to the cabin.  We had chili dogs instead.  Not too exciting, but certainly more relaxed sitting at the table looking out the window that sitting in a busy restaurant!

The rest of our evening was the usual relaxed, do nothing important, that we are getting used to!  I sat out on the deck and read for a long time, until it got too dark.  Bill sat out there after dark so he could look at the stars again.

This is our last night.  Tomorrow morning we have to pack up and be out of here.  We have had such a great time.  I wish we had a couple more days!!

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