Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 24th - Out to Lunch

Well, I am usually "out to lunch," but today I actually went out to lunch with several of my friends.  It was kind of a group visiting teaching meeting.  There were about 10 of us and we went to Cheesecake Factory.  Very good lunch and very fun time.

The rest of my day was pretty much the routine stuff - straightening up, working on several things on the computer and at the desk, reviewing the lesson for Sunday, etc.  I also managed to take a rather long nap.  I guess going out to lunch must be tiring!

Bill got home late and had to rush around and take off again to go to the church.  The bishop had a meeting and needed another person at the building with him.  So, I watched this week's episode of "Downton Abbey" while eating some popcorn.  Then it was off to read.  I am making progress in the Old Testament - I am in Joshua now.  I also started a new book. 

Last night I finished Still Alice, which was a good book, but a little depressing.  It is about a highly educated Harvard professor who is diagnosed with Early Onset Alzhiermer's Disease.  The book is told from her point of view, making it interesting to see how she deals with the memory lapses, etc.  I found myself checking to see whether I was personally experiencing any of the symptoms, as my mother died of dementia.  I decided that I am at that stage where it is difficult to tell if they are symptoms of normal aging or early disease.  Oh, well.  Even so, the book was very good.

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