Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 30th - Another Day on the Run!

I like my quiet days, but sometimes they just aren't!  Saturday is also usually the day I finish up laundry, etc.

Today, however, we were on the go from the beginning of the day.  We ran the van over to Costco to get new tires on it.  We will be driving it to Florida next Saturday and wanted everything ship-shape.  When we got home, it was time to get cleaned up and ready to attend a wedding. 

Then we drove up to Winder to the Carl House for the wedding of Taylor Peterson.  It was very nice.  The wedding itself was outside (in 100 degree weather!), but fortunately the service was short.  The reception was a brunch in the dining room.  We enjoyed visiting with other friends who were there - in the air conditioning!  Taylor and Morgan both looked so happy and we were happy we were able to be there.  Our nicest compliment of the day was as we were leaving.  We had a chance to chat for a minute with Taylor and he said that since he doesn't have any grandparents nearby, he claims us.  We were glad to claim him!

On the way home, we ran by to pick up the van.  Then, during our short break, I got the first load of laundry dried and the second washed and into the dryer.  We then headed over to Lisa's to babysit the kids while Lisa and David went out to a birthday party for a friend.  Needless to say, our day ended nicely.  The kids were so good and loved having grandma and grandpa to play with.  They both ate dinner well and when it was time for bed, they both went down easily.  David came home before Lisa.  They had taken two cars, since the band Lisa used to sing with was planning to play for a while and Lisa was looking forward to singing with them again.  David was tired and was looking forward to sleep! 

So, a good day, but very busy.  I enjoyed it, but I am very tired.  I think part of that was being in the sun and heat for a while today.  I am very much looking forward to a quiet Sunday - or at least as quiet as it is with the kids over!

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