Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 9 - Day 3 - More Fun!

I got up planning to go watch the sunrise, but I got busy around the condo and never made it out to the beach.  Oh, well.  I will make it another day.  The kids slept in until around 7 and both woke up happy.

After breakfast and all the other morning chaos, I headed out to the pool.  Bill, Lisa and kids went down to the beach.  We expected that if they lasted an hour, it would be a miracle.  Turns out they stayed down there for two hours.  They both loved playing in the sand.  Brooks still doesn't  like the waves, but everything else about the beach is great.

When they got back to the condo, Ashby came out to the pool for a while with me.  Brooks got a quick bath and his lunch.  Then, when he was ready to go down for his nap, Ashby and I came in so she could lunch, too.  Leaving Grandpa in charge, Lisa and I took off for a little shopping.  We went by Target to get several things we needed and/or wanted.  They have a small food section so we were also able to get what we wanted for food right there.

On the way back, we stopped and both got manicures and pedicures.  Very fun and relaxing.  Now we both have lovely feet and hands.  When we got home, everyone was up and playing.  Ashby had taken a nap, too.  I think Grandpa even got a few winks.

One of the thing we bought was a new swimming doll for Ashby.  Her old one broke the other night and when we saw that Target actually carried them, we bought it.  Her face literally lit up when she saw it.  I don't think it has left her hands since.

She went back out to the pool for a short swim with the doll before we headed over to Aunt Hazel's for dinner.  We enjoyed seeing Stephanie, who is moving back to St. Augustine.  She will be able to deadhead from Jacksonville to Miami for her flights.  Allen and Lynn were also there.  We used to see them every year, but since they retired, they spend summers in NC and traveling.  They have a couple of grandsons with them for a few weeks, so they are in town this time.  It was good to see them and get caught up.

When Brooks started getting sleepy, Lisa and I came on back and left Bill to get a ride when he was ready to come home.  Brooks went on to sleep while Ashby and I went back out to the pool.  We stayed out there until almost 9 o'clock when she finally came in and got ready for bed herself.

It was a very busy day, but such a lot of fun!

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