Monday, July 2, 2012

July 1st - Can We Have More Sabbath Days?

As usual, Sunday is such a great day.  I am wondering if it would be possible to have another one in the middle of the week????  Just saying....

I spent the morning getting things ready for RS and doing a little family history.  I also had to get dinner going, so we could eat as soon as I got home from church.  Church was good, as always.  Being the first Sunday, it was testimony meeting and there was a strong spirit today.  In Relief Society, it was presidency lesson and Melanie taught.  She did a great job talking about how part of the power of the Atonement is that our personal struggles, pains, griefs, and burdens can be given to Jesus Christ and He will help us carry them, bringing us peace and comfort.  Excellent lesson!

The kids were here when I got home.  Brooks had just gotten up, so I was greeted by two adorable grandchildren with great enthusiasm!  We put dinner together - crock-pot chicken, cantanelle pasta, mixed veggies, artisan bread.  Brooks was really into the chicken and pasta today! 

After dinner, we just sat around chatting and the children played.  It was our normal Sunday and I totally loved it!  We just need more days exactly like this.  Number one topic of conversation was the countdown to the beach - now at 6 days! 

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