Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 18th - Day 12 - Still the Same Old Boring Routine

Ahhhh, another perfect day.  What can I say?  I started the day by going out to the beach to watch the sunrise.  I had just gotten back when the kids came by with David and Vanett.  They had been out taking a walk, too. \

I  was a little late getting to the pool - didn't make it until almost 9:30, but I still got my prime spot!  I enjoyed my 10 minutes in the hot tub, and then "swimming" my 10 laps.  ("Swimming" consists of lazily going the length of the pool and then coming back lazily on my back.  I do have my arms and legs moving, but to call it swimming would be completely misleading!) 

Most everyone else made it by the pool for a while, as well.  I just sit in my lounge chair, reading in between chats, and act like I own the place.  A shower came through about lunch time, so the timing was perfect to go in and eat.  The afternoon was spent reading, having visitors, and taking a short nap.  I just can't handle the mid-day sun, but that doesn't stop me from relaxing.  I spent a good bit of time reading in the lounge chair in the patio.

For dinner, Lisa's crew and Bill went up to the pier because there was supposed to be food and then music - every Wednesday.  It didn't turn out so well, as they missed the food, which apparently wasn't much, and much of the play area was temporarily closed so the children were restless.  They came back, got me out of the hot tub, and we all went down to South Beach Grille for dinner.  Well, all except David who chose to stay in and put the kids down for bedtime.  We haven't gone out much to eat, so it was really good.

So, my same old routine got twisted around just a little, but it was all good!

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