Monday, July 23, 2012

July 22nd - Back to normal, almost

I was glad that our first day back was Sunday.  It is always the best day of the week, and I was so depressed.  Feeling so much better now.

I had to direct the music at the last minute again.  I am hoping they get that situation resolved sometime soon.  The regular music director has fibromyalgia, RA, and some other health issues and never knows until the last minute if she will even be able to make it to church.  She wants to continue to serve, but it creates a problem.  I think they should just call a permanent substitute.  Of course, it isn't my decision, so I will continue to help out when needed.

I always attend the Gospel Principles class to support any sisters who attend and we had a nice group this week.  The lesson was also good - about the importance of work and avoiding idleness.  I guess I needed to be reminded of that after my two weeks of relaxation!

The RS lesson was President Uchtdorf's talk about The Merciful Obtain Mercy.  It was a great talk about not offending people and learning to forgive.

It was nice to see everyone again after two weeks away and to feel the special spirit in the ward.

The kids didn't come over today, as they wanted a chance to rest up and veg out after church.  It was good for us to rest up, too, although we really missed having them here.  So that would be the "almost" - it would have been a normal Sunday if they had come.

So tomorrow we really have to go back to normal.  My list of things that need to be done is ridiculously long.  I am wondering if I could take another vacation and just throw away the list???  No, I guess not!!!

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