Friday, July 20, 2012

July 19th - Day 13 - Quiet? Busy? Another Day!

Another day of vacation - almost like every other day here.  Opened the pool and closed the pool. 

It was really quiet in the morning as everyone seemed to be off doing their own things.  I, of course, was holding court at the pool.  About lunch time, another quick shower came through, so I headed in.  And then things seemed to get rather busy around the condo.  David and Brooks came over for a while - everyone else was gone - and he turned on the golf tournament.  Then a heavy storm came though, the first we have had in two weeks.  Leroy had been on the beach and he stopped here, as we were the "nearest condo in a storm."  He watched golf while the storm passed.  These Florida storms are usually pretty quick and this one was gone in less than an hour.

I was again alone and sitting out on the patio reading when Martha showed up.  We chatted a while.  Then Bill showed up.  Martha decided to take a nap and I thought that sounded like a good idea, too.  Bill went off to do something else.  I never made it to sleep before Gail came in to use the bathroom and then head out to the beach for a walk.  I was just getting relaxed again when Bill returned.  Then Gail got back.  I think somewhere in all of that Lisa popped in, too.  Anyway, I think I dozed off for a total of 5 minutes the whole afternoon! 

Dinner was at Greg and Judy's.  It was Joyce and Hazel's birthdays.  Hazel had other plans, but we celebrated Joyce's at dinner.  We got back to our condo in time for me to make a quick dash out to the pool.  Bill ran down to see Hazel and a friend of hers who is visiting.  I managed to get some time in the hot tub and in the pool.  They didn't show up to close the pool until late, so I got enough time to feel ready to end the day.

Feeling really sad, because tomorrow is the last day.  

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