Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 16th - Day 10 - Mellow Monday!

What can I say?  Life at the beach has become pretty routine - at least for me.  I choose not to go shopping or sightseeing, so my life is pretty mellow.   Lisa showed up first thing in the morning wanting to take the cinnamon sugar for Ashby to have cinnamon toast.  Then Brooks and David showed up while they were out taking a walk.  It is fun to have out back doors just a few feet apart - makes it easy to interact.

Let's see, today was mostly at the pool.  I didn't even make it down to the beach at all.  Gail came over and sat at the pool with me for a long time.  Then Joyce showed up about the time I was heading in for lunch.

I was at the pool again in the evening when David and Ashby were there.  Ashby loves jumping in with her tube on.  I commented that she was getting so good that pretty soon she would be able to do it without her tube.  A while later, she said she wanted to take the tube off so she could sit on a lower step.  After a discussion about always having a big person with her when she didn't have the tube on, she took it off and sat on the lower step.  The water came to between her mouth and nose - she was so funny.  And, I might add, very proud of not being afraid of the water.  After more practicing putting her head all the way in the water, she suddenly wanted to swim underwater.  She actually swam two or three feet to her daddy - over and over.  She was so proud, it was funny.  At one point, she almost yelled, "I gotta go tell mommy!"  They finally headed over to the club pool to meet with the rest of the family and so she could show off her new skill. 

I enjoyed the rest of the quiet evening at my pool alone.  I enjoyed chatting with some other guests and reading my book until I finally came in and had some popcorn to end my evening.

Ahh, so mellow!!

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