Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 13 - Day 7 - Week One Already!

It is hard to believe that a full week is now finished.  One more to go.  I am wondering if we should consider three weeks???!!!!

I went out for the sunrise this morning.  It was pretty.  The cloud bank turned out to not be sitting right on the horizon, so as the sun came up, it peaked under the cloud and looked really pretty.  As it rose up behind the clouds, which were wispy, it looked like flames - pretty neat.

David got here about 8:00 - big surprise.  He drove most of the night.  At 9:00 I hit the pool and David and Ashby came out shortly after.  Ashby was so excited to see her daddy and clung like glue!  I stayed at the pool until I was ready to eat lunch.  David was napping on the couch and Ashby was "resting" on top of him.

They went to the airport to pick up his mother and niece.  I rested a little myself.  Martha came by and went out to the pool and I joined her a little bit later.  Eventually David, Ashby and Sydni showed up at the pool, as well.

We had everyone over for pizza for dinner and then took a nice walk on the beach.  It was the first time that Sydni had seen the Florida coast and she was amazed at how warm the water was.  After the walk, we hit the pool for one more swim before it closed.

So - a busy day.  I started and ended with time on the beach.  And I opened and closed the pool.  Can't ask for more!

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