Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 14th - Day 8 - Relaxing Saturday

Saturday is transition day, so it is relatively quiet at the pool.  Check out time is 10 am and check in is 4 pm.  Only the full-time residents, and those staying another week are around.  Ashby and I had the pool all to ourselves for a while this morning.  In fact, she didn't like it when some other people came to swim in "our" pool!

Lisa and David got checked into their unit in the afternoon and moved all her stuff over.  It makes our condo seem empty and quiet! 

Greg and Judy and family also got in.  That means everyone is here.  As soon as they had the car unloaded, we had all three girls at our door.  They were anxious to go around and see everyone's condo.  

Joyce had sandwiches at her place for dinner.  Then almost everyone met at the club pool for a late swim.  I chose to come back to our condo and swim a little in our pool/hot tub before taking a shower and washing my hair. 

So the second week has begun.  Everyone is so excited  and we should have another great week!

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