Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 23rd - Whew! What a Busy Day!

So much for sliding back into the routine slowly.  I had a "to do" list that filled the whole page of a regular size notebook.  I managed to get much of it done, but there were plenty of things that went onto the list for tomorrow.

Most of the completed items were related to RS - emails, blogs, phone calls, etc.  I am glad I got those things all done.  I also had to straighten the house a little and did a load of laundry.  I am sure glad I had all the laundry done before we left and was able to get most of what we took done before we came back home. 

Lisa and the kids came over in the afternoon to pick up the stuff we brought back for them.  She said Ashby had been very unhappy when they left church on Sunday and went home instead of coming to Grandma's house.  The kids were so excited when they got here - you would have thought it had been six months since we had seen them instead of just two days.  I have to say - it made my day!  They were excited, too, because a package had come while they were gone and we opened it.  It was a Crayola art table and two chairs.  I had been looking for a small table and this one has the art top, but can also be used for eating.  They both drew some pictures to break it in.

After they left, I had to run a couple errands: library to pick up some things that had come in, gas so I could keep going, grocery store to pick up refreshments for Empty Nesters tonight.  I was so sleepy when I got back home that I actually laid down and took a 20 minute nap!  I don't often take naps (other than at the beach, of course), but sometimes...........

We went to Empty Nesters Family Home Evening tonight.  Bridgette had a pioneer day activity and we had a lot of fun.  The bad thing was that all three teams died before we reached the valley - no one had enough food!

So - welcome back to the real world!  Way too busy for me.  I prefer the call of the beach and the pool.  

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