Monday, July 30, 2012

July 29th - Wonderful Sabbath Day!

I always love Sundays and today was no exception.  President Black, from the Atlanta Temple, was a speaker in Sacrament Meeting and then he and his wife answered questions during the third hour, since it was a fifth Sunday.  It was all very good - as it always is when the temple is the topic of discussion.

The kids were at the house when I got home and it felt so good!  Last week they stayed home to recover from the trip back from Florida and it was so quiet.  Ashby had even been upset that they didn't go to Grandma and Grandpa's house - so today, everyone was happy!  Brooks was pulling the wooden block train around the house, Ashby was hiding under the crib so I would have to look for her, Lisa was resting on the couch, David was resting in the recliner keeping an eye on Brooks.

We finished up dinner preps and then put David to work grilling the plank salmon and veggie kabobs.  We also had sweet potatoes, water, and blackberry bread.  It was so good.  Bill managed to make it home as we were just finishing up.  Just before we ate, Brooks had gone down for a nap and Ashby was tired and just watched a video, so it was a much quieter dinner than usual!

When he woke up, Brooks was ready to play and they had the best time.  They played chase around the house and then went outside and played for a long time.  David and Bill were watching them, so Lisa and I sat, talked, and watched some olympics swimming.  It was the first I have watched, but they can't get it at home and she was really missing it.  They can't even get the "free" streaming from the computer at home, because you still have to have a provider - cable, satellite, whatever - in order to get it free.

When the kids finally came in, the women's gymnastics was on.  That prompted more excitement as Ashby wanted to do what the girls on the TV were doing - the vaults!  So David was helping her flip over and then she would come back up on her feet with he arms in the victory pose.  Brooks was the loudest cheerleader as she did the same stunt over and over - at least until he wanted to do it himself.  Needless to say, it was all very funny and they had a ball.

It seemed very quiet when they left, but it was a wonderful day.

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