Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 28th - Saturday On-the-Run

Some days it seems like I do nothing but run around - I like the lazy days better!  Today was one of those running around days: went by Becky's to pick up soup and bean orders; went by Lisa's to return the stroller; went by the library to both return and pick up a book; went by CVS to pick up a couple of needed items; went by Chadwick's to pick up fresh veggies for Sunday dinner.......  Then I thought I was home for the day, but got a call that the rest of the bean order had come in and I had to make a run to Snellville to pick that up.  Whew!

Time at home wasn't all that lazy either - couple loads of laundry, change sheets, straighten up (never did get to actually cleaning!), planning Sunday dinner......  You know the routine.  Then I had to sort the soup and bean orders and email those who had ordered to please come pick it up since my living room is full!  (I could move it to the garage, but it is just too heavy.   I didn't want to sort it in the garage, because it was just too hot!)  I managed to sneak a little, very little, family history.

I got a lot done, but I am sure glad this day is finished!

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