Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 6th - Packing!

Today was the final day of vacation preps.  I did five loads of laundry, packed suitcases, went down my long to-do list to make sure everything was done.  We took the van in for some tune up stuff and finally picked it up in mid-afternoon.  We were delighted that it cost considerably less than we had anticipated - that never happens! 

We then went by Lisa's to pick up all of her stuff, other than what she will need tonight and in the morning.  When we got home, Bill had his own to-do list - things like lawn work and cleaning the van.  He finally got around to loading up all the stuff.  There was quite a pile and we really didn't think it would all make it.  The car top carrier held much more than we had expected, plus with the golf clubs and the stroller also on top, there turned out to be enough room for everything else, except the dryer racks, which were pretty low priority anyway. 

We were both really tired by the time we made it to bed.  Tomorrow we leave.  So looking forward to it!

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