Friday, July 13, 2012

July 12 - Day 6 - A Quiet Day

Our week has been so stressful that we had to have a restful day today.  In truth, Ashby was exhausted, running a very low grade fever, so she stayed in today.  I still was at the pool by 9 and stayed until 12:30.  That was when we had our first rain shower of the week.  I thought it was nice that it was timed just as I was ready to go in for lunch. 

I took a short nap, and laid there reading my book for quite a while.  We went over to Martha's for dinner around 5.  Hazel and John were there, as well as Joyce and Leroy who had just checked in to Ocean Gallery.  We didn't stay long, since Brooks was so tired. 

When we got back to the condo, Brooks got ready for bed and went down pretty easy.  Ashby and I went out to the pool for a night swim, which we both really enjoyed. 

And that about did it for another day.  It is hard to believe the week is going so quickly.  We are still enjoying every minute!

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