Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 24th - Happy Birthday, Ashby!!!!!!!!

Yes, today is Ashby's birthday, but her big Princess Tea Party is not until Friday.  It was probably good planning on Lisa's part since Ashby is not feeling well today.  By Friday, she will be ready to party hearty!  Or at least as hearty as a four-year-old can!

It is amazing how quickly four years can go by.  She is growing into a very lovely young lady.  She is sweet and loving, always with a big smile.  She is honest - it is cute how she comes and tells us when she does something she shouldn't have done.  She was naughty the other day and when they came over, she told me she had to go to her room because she was so grouchy.  She carries on very adult conversations and we sometimes are amazed at the big words she uses.  She has a huge imagination and can spend hours playing.  Sometimes she is so lost in her imaginary world that she doesn't even hear us speaking to her.  We have to do the old "look in my eyes, Ashby" thing.  She loves going to Sunbeam class and is very reverent in church.  She has even given her first talk in Primary and did a wonderful job.  She loves her friends and plays so well with other children.  She learned to swim under water while we were in Florida and couldn't get in the pool enough. 

So, how did we ever live without our little ray of sunshine?  I often say that the purpose of life is grandchildren.  And she proves the point!!!  Love you.  You are grandma's best girl!

(Picture from her May dance recital)

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