Monday, July 9, 2012

July 7th - We Made It!

We are here!  Need I say more?

Finished packing the car, got over to Lisa's, packed the rest of her stuff - and we were on the road by 9:15.  The trip went really well.  The kids were extremely good - no crying, fussing, fighting.  We only had to make two stops.  The first was for lunch.  We went a little off the highway into the Dublin Mall and had Chinese.  That gave the kids a place to run around in the cool air for a while.  They had a ball and ate well.

After a nap, our second stop was for gas.  There was a Sonic right next door to the station, so we went over to get some ice cream while Grandpa took car of the van.  They were able to run around again, so they were ready for the last leg of the trip.  We got it by 5:20.  Lisa drove the last leg and we made up some time - wonder how that happened???!!!!!

After unloading the car, Grandpa went to pick up the crib that Hazel and John had picked up from the rental place earlier.  He took a little too long chatting, and the kids were getting hungry, but he finally got back with pizza and milk.

After eating, Brooks was ready for bed.  Ashby followed shortly.  Meanwhile, Grandpa went out to pick up some groceries.  We had brought a lot with us, but the fresh, refrigerator, and frozen items sill needed to be purchased.  When he got back and everything was put away, we were tired.  But, everyone is really happy to be here.  For the next two weeks we will just be beach bums!

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