Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 31st - General Conference and Grandkids! Makes a Nice Day!

Saturday started off like any other - some laundry, straightening, cleaning toilets, you know - the usual.  I also had a little time to work on the family history and all the rest of the stuff I like to do on the computer.  Unfortunately, the car is acting up and I am not using it until Bill can get it into the shop on Monday.  I had a $10 Kohls' bonus bucks that would expire on Saturday, so I told Lisa if she would come by, she could have it.

After ballet, she and the kids came over.  They played a little and then we all went to Kohls.  I got a plastic pool for the kids (they didn't have any a few weeks ago when I bought the sprinkler thingy), some little pool toys and an outfit for Brooks.  Turned out Lisa didn't use the $10 coupon, so I did and it ended up only being $15.00.  I always like saving money!

We came back to the house, Brooks took a nap, and Ashby played outside in the pool, with the sprinkler going part of the time, too.  She had a ball.  It was another gorgeous day and sitting in the backyard was very enjoyable.  On the other hand, Bill had stopped at Home Depot on his way home from an estimate and had bought a ton of petunias.  He spent the afternoon planting them.  I checked on him a couple of times, but didn't help.  Well, what do you expect?  I was busy with grandchildren!!! 

In between everything else was the first day of conference.  We watched the first session from 12 - 2 before Lisa and kids came over.  We missed the afternoon session with all that was going on, but I watched it in the evening while Bill was at Priesthood meeting.  I have the DVR set to automatically record all conference sessions.  Isn't technology grand?  Sure is better than the old days when we had to get up to watch one session from Saturday at 6:00 on Sunday morning!

All in all, a nice and busy day. 

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