Monday, April 9, 2012

April 8th - Happy Easter!

We had a nice Easter Sunday.  The program at church was based on the talk that Bruce R McConkey gave just a couple of weeks before he died - the one where he said that when he sees the prints in the Savior's hands, he will not know with anymore assurity than he does now that Jesus is the Christ.  They read his talk and then had music throughout - some congregational hymns and some choir numbers.  The choir used a cello to help accompany one number and a flue to accompany a double quartet.  All in all, it was all nicely done and very spiritual.  A good Easter program!

Lisa and family were already at the house when I got home.  We got dinner on the table and Bill actually got home just as we were ready to start eating!  Food was good and we had a great time.  After dinner, Ashby put her swim suit on and went out to play in the little pool.  She got some wimm goggles in her Easter basket and wanted to try them out.  She was quite funny, bending over trying to get just her eyes in the pool, since the water was cold.  Brooks didn't put on his suit, but he should have.  He was just as wet as she was, even if he never got into the pool.  He loved carrying bowls full of water from one place to another and then dumping them out - sometimes right down the front of his shirt!

They then took a nice warm bath to get warmed up and cleaned up!  They are so funny in the tub together.  Ashby gets to acting silly and Brooks starts laughing.  He has the best belly laugh ever - imagine a minature Santa Claus with the belly just shaking!  I think Lisa and I were laughing just as hard - at him!

So, it was a very nice Easter with the focus just where it should be - on the Savior and on family!

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