Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 16th - Another Manic Monday

My Mondays are not much for retelling - but they are busy! 

I had to straighten the house, which is always a little messier after the weekend.  Lisa and family always clean up before they go, but it is amazing the number of odds and ends that turn up in strange places.  Like the time I found a sippy cup of milk in the microwave popcorn box in the pantry!  The kitchen always needs a little extra TLC, too, since on Sunday we basically fill the dishwasher and put the food away, but don't worry too much beyond that.  This week I didn't have any laundry to do, but there was a load of towels in the dryer to put away.  It seems Ashby took a bath/shower and totally loved the handheld shower head.  However, she had a little trouble controlling it, so she basically drowned the bathroom.  David had used a pile of towels to dry it down and had thrown them in the washing machine.

Beyond that, I was at the computer quite a bit.  I did a ton of indexing.  It is easy to do and it is fun to see the number of states that are complete or getting close.  I always pick one of the batches in red, because that means they are getting close to completing that state.  I spent way too much time doing that today.

I also did the New.Familysearch matching from my Roots Magic.  I am determined to keep up with that now.  I didn't do any other family history, though.  I did do some work on RS, especially on preparedness.  Basically, I was planning what to cover in my email this week.  I really like the blog PreparedLDSFamily and am using a lot of her stuff.  I also read the next conference talk and just need to get that posted.  I had a bunch of other little things that I did at the computer, as well.  I also straightened the desk a little bit.  It is amazing that I keep the house so neat, but my desk can look like a tornado blew by!  Actually, there are just a bunch of piles and I know what each pile is about, but to someone else, it looks like a mess. I think I need to redo the hutch on the desk so I can put the piles on the shelves instead of just stacking them around.  At least it looks better now.

Another amazing thing about today is that I actually cooked dinner!  We had taco salad and it was mighty good!  I don't cook often, especially when Bill is late.  He just fixes something when he gets home.  We keep plenty of quickie meals around just for that purpose.  I watched another episode of The Grand while I ate dinner, which was the sum total of my TV watching for the day. 

I ended my day by reading my scriptures - I am into Alma now.  Then I read my book until I was ready to sleep.  I am not too impressed with the book I am reading at the moment.  It is one from BookRooster to be reviewed.  They probably won't be too happy with my review, but it won't be the worst one I have given!

So another Manic Monday is over!

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