Friday, April 6, 2012

April 5th - Stay at home and immersed in Family History

When Bill left this morning, he asked what I was going to do all day.  I said I didn't know.  That was kind of a lie, since I am always busy with all my usual things.  As it turned out, I spent a lot of time working on family history.  I am still trying to get this new book figured out and I think I am finally getting a handle on it.  I am figuring out more about how to use the Ancestry publishing and I am figuring out how I want it organized. 

I find it a very slow program and not particularly user friendly as far as trying to customize it.  It downloaded everything into book form very easily, but it doesn't arrange it the way I want it, nor does it automatically include all the extra photos and stories that I have saved to each person's page.  I am doing all that manually.  I am also not happy with their timeline for each person.  I will have to work on that some more to see if I can make it more like I want it.  I am almost pleased with the family group sheets.  They are attractive, but there are a few things that are not included that I want on there, like multiple spouses.  I suppose it would help if I wasn't so picky! 

I already know that I will print it out myself, rather than purchasing it.  It is currently priced at $166.00 and while it is nice to have a bound book with a cover, it is not really a practical thing in genealogy.  There are constantly new updates and new information that I would like to be able to add.  A loose leaf binder is just more practical.  And, I figure for that kind of money, I can buy a few extra ink cartridges and then take the book to have extra copies made. 

The book I did on the Smith-Cleary line is in a loose leaf binder, and every couple of years, I can go through and see what pages need to be updated.  It is important to me that everything be current and correct.

Bottom line, it is obvious that I was immersed in family history today!  Sorry to have bored you with all my ramblings!!!

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