Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 28th - Day 3 - Relaxed and Lazy

Everyone was so tired that the decision was made to make it a lazy morning.  We would go out late in the morning for brunch.  Of course, with the three hour time change for us, we still woke up pretty early.  That's when I caught up on the blogging, FB, etc.  Bill went out in the cold for a walk.

We also spent some time checking out the facilities, etc., here.  The ski resort is called Heavenly and is in State Line, Nevada.  We had been told it was on the north side of the lake, but it turns out it is on the south end.  When we look out our balcony, we can see across to the ski lift that is used by everyone skiing this mountain.  We can also see a tram track that gives people on the other side of the ridge a way up and down to the ski lift from their condos.  On our side, there is a tram provided by our resort for free that runs all day.  We just have to call and they will come by, pick us up, and drop us wherever we want to go.

Once everyone was up and ready, we took the tram over to the main office to turn in the papers from check-in and to get some more keys for the condos.  While there, we checked out the facilities and have been very impressed with how nice it is.  On Saturday mornings, they have an omelet bar, so we made it in there in time for breakfast.  It was really good and reasonably priced enough that we may eat there more.  They have breakfast and a grill for lunch and dinner.  We also learned that on Saturday evening, they serve a dinner in the lounge.

After hanging around the club for a while, and eating breakfast, we took the shuttle back to our condos.  We then drove down the mountain to check out the town.  We had already learned where the grocery store was, so we headed that direction, parked there, and then walked across to a shopping area also called Heavenly.  There is a gondola lift that starts there.  We had considered riding the gondola, but no one seemed that interested, at least today.  We spent an hour or so walking through the shopping area.  Our favorite spot was an art gallery. 

It had turned into a beautiful day, well into the 60's and sunny.  Our final shopping trip was to the grocery store where we got food for breakfasts, sandwiches, Sunday dinner and snacks.

After getting back to the condos and unloading all the food, it was mid-afternoon.  We all rested a few minutes, then decided to go to a movie.  The resort offers free movies at 5:00 and today's show was "War Horse," which none of us had seen.  We got the shuttle back to the clubhouse, and had some time before the movie, so tried playing a little pool.  That was quite hilarious, I must say! 

We then went in to the movie.  It was actually a very nice little theater, with regular theater seats and a big screen for the showing.  It was a tear jerker of a movie, but I think everyone liked it.
Then we headed back up to the main building to get that dinner in the lounge.  It turned out to be really good.

After dinner, we went back to the condos, sat around talking and laughing, and had some ice cream for dessert.  That pretty much ended our first full day here.  We had a great time and have plenty of plans for the rest of the week!

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