Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 21st - Cleaning Day

Well, another Saturday.  I tried to do a little more cleaning than normal today - I always straighten so the house looks good, but I don't always get around to the dusting and that kind of stuff.  It was about time!  I also did some laundry, including the sheets, planning Sunday dinner, etc. 

Bill had to do an estimate and then spend the rest of the day and evening at youth conference, so I was home alone most of the day.  Between the cleaning and laundry, I spent some time on the computer - big surprise!  I got into the indexing and must have done 10 batches.  Lately, I have been doing Iowa instead of what is getting close to being finished, because I want the Iowa census to get finished and posted, so I can link it to my family.  Getting selfish in my old age!

I didn't do much else on family history, just a little matching.  I also worked on some other things that needed some attention.  I am trying to get my RS lesson finished up.  I have to do it on the 6th of May, but we don't get back from Tahoe until the 5th, so I need to have it pretty much ready.

I also had a lazy streak and watched three episodes of The Grand - not all at once, but spread throughout the afternoon and evening.  It was a good excuse to take a break when I got tired of whatever I was doing at the moment!

So it was a productive and a lazy day - can't think of anything better - unless I had the grandkids around!

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