Monday, April 2, 2012

April 1st - April Fools Day

I had several friends post on FB that they were pregnant, or had a new relationship, etc.  I am sure everyone did.  Of course, they were all April Fools jokes, which is what I suspected when I saw them.  A little honesty here - I hate April Fools jokes.  I hate practical jokes of any kind.  I know they are supposed to be fun and funny, but they just seem cruel and dishonest and I can't get past that.  Of course, I am also the one who can't stand to tell my children that Santa Claus is real!  I didn't tell them he wasn't real, but I just couldn't out and out lie.  I think it must be my problem - LOL!

Today was the second day of General Conference.  We listened to the morning session, but will have to listen to the afternoon session later.  It is recorded, so I have that to look forward to yet.

The kids came over after the first session and we had a good chicken and rice dinner.  We also put water in the little pool and Ashby and Brooks had a ball playing in it.  We didn't turn the sprinkler on this time, but we did leave the hose hanging over the edge of the table with just a little stream of water coming out.  They loved it! 

It always seems a little strange not to have regular church meetings, but it was a great day and we enjoyed every minute of it!

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