Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 18th - Rainy Day in Georgia!

Another rainy day in Georgia - we really needed it actually, but it is fun to say it that way! 

After the usual morning routine, I headed out to do a little shopping.  I needed to get some new printer cartridges so I can start printing my genealogy book.  Then I stopped by the mall to look at some clothes.  I need a few things before we go to Lake Tahoe next week.  I hate to shop, so one store a day is a big challenge for me.  Today's store was Macy's.  They have a pretty nice plus size department and I found a couple of tops and a sweater that I liked.  I think I will make do with the jeans and pants I already have, but I really need some tops.  It will still be cool there, so I need things with sleeves, which is good, I guess, since those are the things on sale right now. 

Bill was home when I got back - just a small job today for him.  While I was gone a friend had called, so I called her back.  Her granddaughter is getting married in the temple in July and she had a ton of questions about what to expect and how to best plan things.  They have never done a temple wedding before.  Both of her daughters were married and then went to the temple to be sealed later.  Anyway, we talked an hour or so and I hope she got her questions answered.

Then I took off to pick up another friend, Becky, whose car was in the shop.  Her planned ride had fallen through, so I was happy to take her.  It was a ways to the shop, but we always have fun chatting.  She was then going to pick up our honey order and I headed back home.  I will pick up my part of the honey tomorrow.

Bill had activity night tonight, so I actually watched a couple of episodes of The Grand while I ate some popcorn.  Then off to bed to read. 

And that was my rainy day in Georgia!

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