Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 27th - Second Day of Travel

We left the house around 7:30 this morning and met up with Joanne and Richard at the Park & Wait lot at the SLC airport to wait for Gary and Carolyn to get in from Denver.  We connected with them without problem, but one of their suitcases was not on the plane.  They made arrangements for the bag to be sent to Reno for us to pick up when we got there.

Then we started the long drive to Lake Tahoe.  We knew it would be around 8 hours, but because of the bag not arriving in Reno until almost 5:00, there was no reason for us to hurry.  So, we stopped several times as we crossed western Utah and the salt flats.

In Wendover, we stopped for a lunch at Subway.  It wasn't the best of lunches, but then again there were not many options!  We finally made it to Reno and went to the airport to retrieve the missing bag.  After a minor incident (they didn't want us to wait at the pickup while Gary went to get the bag and Bill Cochran had to "discuss" it with security, in his usual laid back manner), we were on our way again. 

It is better than an hour from Reno to Tahoe, and by that time, we were all getting tired, but it was fun to see the dramatic change in landscape as we headed over the mountain.  Our first look at the lake was fantastic.  There is still a good bit of snow - not enough for skiing, but still plenty to make large patches of white.

We finally arrived at the resort and had our final irritation of the day.  They had a very poor check-in system and we had the hardest time getting that done, but we finally made it.  The rooms are very nice and clean and we are happy with that part.  We have two units, each unit with two bedrooms and two baths, plus a nice common area.

After unloading the cars, we headed back down the mountain to find some food.  The condos are at the top of the mountain, so it is a bit of drive up and down to get to someplace to eat, etc., but it is really pretty, at least as much as we can see in the dark!  We ended up eating at Applebee's and then were all ready to hit the hay.

I think we are getting too old for long days!  But it is so fun to all be together again and we are already having a ball!

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