Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday - On the Go, but What Did I Get Done?

This seemed like such a busy day - I was on the go the whole time.  Now when I am ready to record what I did, there isn't much that I can think to write!  I am not sure if that means I was just busy wasting time or if I am just getting senile and forgetting what I was doing!

I do know that I did four loads of laundry and straightened the house after the Sunday visitors.  I know I ran out to Target to pick up some smaller plastic storage containers for some genealogy papers.  I know I spent a lot of time on family history - mostly checking against New.FamilySearch.  (Now that I have gotten that all up to date, I am trying to take a day or so a week to keep it current.)  I know that I indexed a couple of batches of the 1940 census.  I know I spent some time on Relief Society, particularly doing some things on preparedness for my weekly email.  Let's see, I also watched an episode of Law & Order - now on season 2 - while I ate dinner.  I know I read my scriptures.  I know I read several chapters in my book.

I also talked to Billy twice on the phone today.  The first time was early this morning.  He had just left Cedar Rapids and was on his way to Des Moines to start his new job.  He was a little sad leaving CR, knowing that he might not be living there again.  He was also nervous about the first day on a new job - not scared about the job itself, but just having to go through that first day stuff.  We talked quite a while, since it is a two hour drive.  Of course, we didn't talk anywhere near that long!  He called again when he got settled in after work.  He is staying at an extended stay hotel for the first couple of weeks or until he can get an apartment.  The first day went well.  He spent most of the morning with HR getting all the paper work, etc., done.  Then his new boss took him and the rest of the team out for lunch.  Most of the afternoon was spent getting his computer set up and all the things like email, etc., up and running.  He likes the boss - liked him when interviewing, too.  The person who will train him has until the end of May when she will then move to a new team.  After work, he had gotten checked into the hotel and said it was very nice - simple, but clean and new.  He has a refrigerator, two burner stove top and a microwave so he will be able to eat in when he wants.  He forgot to bring any pans, so will pick up the minimum from Walmart to get him through.  He was really tired, so planned to rest a little and then go out and pick up a few groceries, get something to eat, etc.  I am glad his first day went well.

OK, so maybe I didn't just run around wasting time!  At least I accomplished quite a few things that I needed or wanted to do. 

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