Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 11th - Day of Rest

I still had such a clean house from yesterday that I didn't have to do much today.  It sure is nice to do the walk through and not find anything that needs straightening!  Even the kitchen was clean.

I therefore decided that was a sign that I was to be lazy all day!  I ended up spending much of the day at the computer.  Besides my usual list of activities, blogs, etc., I worked on family history for a while.  I think I have pretty much completed the portion on my grandmother.  There is a little page editing that will have to be done when I am ready to print it, but there isn't much point doing in now, since every time you update the information, it erases your edits.  I need to get new color ink cartridges and then I will print out that section. 

Even with that, I just couldn't get into the project that much, so I ended up doing a ton of indexing on the 1940 census.  They have already completed a couple of states and have posted them, I think.  Several more are getting close.  The goal was to have it all done in six months, and at this rate they just might make it.

This really was a great day of rest for me - no stress, no pressure, no running around, just doing things I enjoy.  It is amazing that I still kept busy the entire day.  I wish I had more days like this!

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