Monday, April 16, 2012

April 15th - Aren't Sundays Grand?

This was another great Sunday.  We had ward conference, so there were some great speakers.  A counselor in the mission presidency spoke first, President Dale Monson, and gave a talk about missionary work - what else?  I thought it was cute when he quoted President Monson and said, "The real President Monson."  Then they called the elder's quorum president to talk and he shared about his going inactive after his mission and how he was rescued by a good home teacher after he was married and had a son.  They are a great family - 5 children now and his wife was just released from YW presidency a couple of weeks ago.  The stake president was the final speaker and always gives such good talks.  He is very gentle and loving in his manner, but always has a powerful message.  He is one who really does persuade us to do right, rather than using guilt or some other negative tactic.  The rest of the meeting was a combined RS/Priesthood and several speakers from the stake presented that, ending with the Bishop.  It was all good.

When I got home, the kids were here, as usual.  Brooks was taking his nap and Ashby was playing with a little Thomas the Train that I had ordered and ti had come this week.  It is the story about Thomas and his tall friend (the giraffe.)  It turns out they have been watching that video story a lot in the last couple of weeks, so she was so excited. 

We just had spaghetti for dinner, so we all pitched in and threw the rest of it together and then had dinner.  We sat around a long time, just chatting and enjoying ourselves.  Bill didn't make it home until after we had finished.  By then, we had moved outside so Ashby and Brooks could play.  Other than mosquitoes, it was a beautiful evening to be sitting out.  Thank goodness for Skin So Soft.

Chad, our neighbor, came out to start some charcoal and his two boys came with him.  They ended up coming over to play with Lisa and Brooks.  It was the first time they had played together and they had so much fun.  Ethan is 3 and Eric is 8.  Ethan has not had much playtime with other children and he was totally enamored with Ashby.  They had so much fun!  We laughed about how Ashby is all girl and she would run on her tiptoes and squeal.  Ethan is all boy and he would chase her with the little toy lawn mower.  Great evening!

So - another grand Sunday!

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