Friday, April 20, 2012

April 19th - Nothing new!

This was another of those "nothing new" kind of days.  You know, some laundry, some straightening, some family history, some indexing, some RS stuff, etc.  I ran out to pick up the honey order and emailed everyone about that.  I found out the last VT social has to be switched to my house (sick baby problem), so I picked up refreshments for that for in the morning.  I watched a little Netflix in the afternoon - a couple of more episodes of The Grand.  I read some in my book, one of the Miss Dimple books. 

Sounds pretty boring!  I wasn't bored, but it does to show I don't seem to have a lot of variety in my life!  I was just sitting here thinking about that and realized that I won't be changing much any time soon!

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