Friday, April 13, 2012

April 12th - Meetings & Grandkids!

I had a presidency meeting this morning and that always takes most of the morning - between preparing for it, being at it, and then doing the follow-up.

After lunch, Lisa called and we all met up at the mall play area for a little while.  After riding in some of the little cars, the children played in the playground.  They both had such a good time.  Brooks just takes off at full speed and climbs in, under, around and through anything he can find.  He is not bashful and just walks right up to other children to check them out.  He is laughing the whole time.

Ashby is much more shy.  She stands quietly near other children to see if anyone will reach out to her.  If not, she goes someplace else.  She avoids the ones who are wild or aggressive.  There is one little place in the playground that is sort of like a stage.  It is a raised platform, maybe 3 inches high, surrounded on three sides by a wall.  She got onto the "stage" and started dancing and put on quite a show.  She really has the moves down, including the very dramatic endings.  She is just like Lisa was - shy until she gets on stage!

The rest of the day I was busy with normal things - some laundry, straightening up, dishwasher, family history, indexing, blogging, and numerous other little tasks.  I ended the day by finishing the book for book group next week - An Invisible Thread.  I wasn't so sure about it at the beginning, but the middle part was quite good.  I actually enjoyed the parts when she talked about her own dysfunctional family, especially her mother's death, the most.  I thought it fizzled a little at the end, too.  It will be a good discussion book, though, as there are many threads to follow in a group.  It was worth reading.

It was a good day all around!

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