Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 4th - Babysitting

Lisa had a doctor's appointment this morning, so she dropped the kids off around 10:00 for me to watch them.  Brooks was ready for his nap, so he slept the next two hours.  Ashby played - first with the matchbox cars.  She loves to line them up and then drives one at a time to a new place and then gets them all lined up again.  I don't know what is going on in her mind, but she is talking to herself the whole time.  Oh, for such an imagination!  I could probably actually be a writer if I could create stories like she does. 

Then she played with the cabbage patch style dolls.  She had the largest one, whom she named Ashby, and said she was the big big sister.  (That is the one my Aunt Patty made for Lisa when she was a little girl.)  Then she had Phoebe Ann, a smaller doll that she said was the little big sister.  (This is also a home-made one - made by a friend when Lisa was about 8 years old.)  Finally, she had a little stuffed bear, whom she named Brooks, and he was the baby.  She was carrying him around in the little basket that I use to keep all the remote controls in.  It has a handle across the top and she loves carrying it around. 

Brooks woke up at noon, so we had everyone's favorite lunch, mac and cheese.  Brooks ate all of his bowl full and then ate some of what Ashby had left behind.  Between them, they also ate a banana.  They both wanted to go outside then, so we changed into swim suits and got the little pool out and the sprinkler.  They were still playing out there when Lisa got back.  Ashby went into the house and got the little plastic stool and was sitting by the pool with her feet in the water.  She said she was sun sitting (sun bathing?).  Actually, I think she was playing that she was Ariel, since she was singing the song.  She also was flipping her feet together like they were just one fin.  And then, she acted out her fin turning into regular feet.  It was so cute!

Those two are so entertaining.  Just made my day! 

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