Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 3rd - Busy Day!

I was able to work at the Family History Center this morning, as usual.  It was great to have some patrons.  I helped an interesting man and woman.  They had written a book about the man's great uncle who lived to over 100 years of age.  They are now in the process of writing a book about another story from the family - a murder!  They were at the center to look up newspapers and other sources to get more details.  It was certainly a little different - but quite fun, especially when they found some newspaper articles that gave them some details that they were not aware of yet.

From there, I headed back home.  After getting some lunch and resting for a few minutes, I went up to the art room to tackle the art show projects.  I needed to get the pictures mounted in some way.  I had also made labels, but they needed to be mounted, as well.  It took me a couple of hours, but they all look good.  The art show will be Saturday during Lisa's piano recital.  I think the girls will be excited!  I could use a few more easels, though, so I will need to check with Lisa to see if she has any.  Otherwise, since I don't want to buy anymore, I will just lay some of the pictures flat on the table.

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