Thursday, December 25, 2014

December 24th - Christmas Eve

We spent the day getting ready for Christmas Eve with the family.  Bill went out and did the grocery shopping.  Then while he ran a few more errands, I got the Tex-Mex dip made.  I got my gifts wrapped.  Then I had to help Bill get his wrapped.  He makes it so hard - who can figure. The rest of the day, we just relaxed. 

Then we headed over to Greg's house for the family Christmas Eve celebration.  It was a little smaller group this year, just Joyce, Leroy and their kids and grandkids.  Hazel and John are on a cruise with Joy.  Martha is in Florida.  Lisa and family are in Colorado.  But, we had a great time anyway!

The home-made tacos were good, as well as all the sides to go with them.  Desserts were fabulous.  I really enjoyed spending some time with Taylor and hearing about his trip to India.  He was there for seven weeks, taking classes and touring the country.  He had some interesting experiences to share!  I also had a little time to catch up with Chris and what he is doing.  I didn't realize he was working in the bakery at Kroger and writing the names on birthday cakes.  Fun.

Between dinner and dessert, we opened the gifts for each other.  Julie had my name and gave me a leather purse.  It is very nice and a good size.  I think I will get plenty of use out of it.  I had Alonzo's name and bought him Elder Holland's new book.  I am hoping he will enjoy it.

Eventually, we all headed to the basement to do the gag gifts.  As usual, we had plenty to laugh about there!  Let's see, I ended up with a gadget to clean wax out of your ears.  If it works, I think I will actually use it!  Ha!

Then we got started on family stories and just about laughed ourselves silly.  One of the best things with family is when the old stories come out.  They seem to get better every time they are retold!

It was a wonderful Christmas Eve.

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