Friday, December 26, 2014

December 25th - Merry Christmas!

We had a totally quiet and relaxed Christmas Day.  We slept in - Bill more than me, of course.  I was working on some family history (got an email from someone interested in sharing information on the Cantrell family I have been working on).

Then about noon, we headed out to the movie to see "Unbroken."  Our timing was perfect, as we got there before it got too busy and had a good seat, but it ended up being a sell-out.  We both enjoyed the movie a lot.  Obviously much of what was in the book had to be left out in the movie, but they actually did quite a good job of capturing the story.  It did end with him returning home and then just used summary text to tell the rest of the story about his post traumatic stress and then turning his life around.  Anyway, we enjoyed it.

Back home, we were lazy some more.  I was immersed in the family history and Bill was watching something on TV.  I think it was The Christmas Story which was running over and over for like 24 hours!  Eventually, we were ready for dinner and had talked about going out, but we both preferred to just stay home.  We found some minute steaks and fried those up with potatoes and onions and some frozen corn.  It is one of Bill's favorite meals, so he was thrilled.  I like it, too, so we were both satisfied.

So, we enjoyed our quiet Christmas, while missing the kids.  We are looking forward to our late Christmas with them next week. 

Most important is remembering the birth of the Savior and what that means for us.  I am grateful for all these blessings.

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